Resource Kit for 64-bit systems doesn’t exist…. Why!?

Posted February 23rd, 2010 by bryanr

I was recently working in a school and needed to verify that no accounts on their Primary Domain Controller were set to have their password expire.  They had been having problems with random users being asked to change their password because it had expired.  And the default security policy was set to have passwords never expire.  Even more strange is that when I checked a users’ account that received the password change prompt, the account password was set to never expire.  This was the case for every user that I checked.

In any case, there isn’t an easy way to see details about the password policy that is applied to a user.  Microsoft does have a download available that will add an extra tab to the user properties window for additional information.  It’s called Acctinfo.dll and is included with the Windows Resource Kit Tools and available for download here:…

After you register the dll file, a new tab will appear in the user properties window called Additional Account Info.  It allows you to easily see the date when the user’s password was last set, the user’s password expiry date, the date and time when a user last logged on and off, the user’s SID and GUID and more.

The only downside is that it only works on 32 bit operating systems!  After surfing the web a while, I found some handy scripts to verify that no accounts were no longer set to expire.  I will post those links soon…..

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