Cool Mac Dock trick

Posted March 12th, 2010 by admin

This entry isn’t nearly as useful or, well, geeky as my co-bloggers, but I found it to be a useful trick.  I stumbled on a post  that demonstrated how to create invisible spacers for the apple dock.  You can use this spacer to create separation between icons on the dock, allowing you to create groupings.  This involves the use of the Terminal application, if this scares you, you should probably let this tip slide.  As always, any tweaking of the system involves a slight risk, this tip isn’t that scary though.

Go to Applications/Utilities and open terminal.  Enter the following:

Hit the enter (return) key.

This will create a space at the end of your dock, next to the divider.  Drag it wherever you would like to create a space.  For more spaces, just hit the up arrow in terminal to bring back the last command, and hit enter again and lo, another spacer. If you decide you don’t want the spaces, just drag them off your dock.  I like the ability to group my icons that this method offers.  Stay tuned for more stupid Mac tricks!

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