Windows 7 Power Settings

Posted March 13th, 2010 by admin

I often have routines that run though the night in tandem with my Vampire hours.  However, default power settings often lock up my jobs, because the system decides to sleep or the hard drive goes to sleep. Each of these should recover but I have found that is not always the case.  So as a common practice I change the following Windows 7 settings.

Control Panel>>Hardware and Sounds>>Power Options>>>Change Power Savings Settings.

It is probably on Balanced to the right Choose Change Plan Settings.

Turn off Display set to Never
Put Computer to Sleep Never

Click Change Advanced Power Settings.
Click + sign by Hard Disk
Click + sign by Turn off Hard Disk
Click the Scroller till it says Never in the Box.
Click Apply
Click OK

If your Edit Plan Settings Windows has the Save Changes window available Click it. Otherwise, Click the Cancel button.

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