Expose’ and Stay, a much needed OSX addition

Posted March 14th, 2010 by admin

I am a huge fan of Expose and Spaces on OSX.  However, as a PC convert, I really miss the Cascade Windows or Tile Features of windows, which allows for all windows or program specific windows to be resized automagically.  When Snow Leopard released I thought for sure I would find this built into the core product. Unlike what Apple thinks (expose’ to bring focus and launch the window to the foreground in it current size) there are some cases where you want to work in several  smaller windows.  Expose’ does a great job of displaying multiple applications or similar pages per app in a nicely organized clutter free view.  Find what you want and click poof it is ready to be worked on.

Take this scenario.  You have a routine running in one window that is dependent on the results of another. You need to be able to see both at the same time and work on the smaller windows. OK, i know you dire hard Mac users are saying just resize your windows to be side-by-side.  OK, I can partially buy that argument, but why. Like my 4 year old, but why,  Why would I want to waste time resizing windows when expose’ basically does everything I need. I just want the small screens to lock to that size. Then I can work directly in the windows.

Here was another RL example. I like to watch movies as I am working on the servers, running number in our accounting system etc. So i have to resize the windows. To be able to view them both. Then what happens if I open a third window. I have to play window shuffling to get to the movie, and still be productive.  So expose’ and Stay or Expose’ and Lock to the rescue. Touch my hotspot corner and “all applications” are perfectly sized. Let me right click (oops Ctrl Click) and lock the window sizes in or better yet give me a hotspot on the Expose’ window to Lock those windows to that size.

Just another way to make us more efficient warriors in the trenches.

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