Sometimes I have to work on our linux servers (command line only) remotely using the console provided by the vcenter client for our ESXi servers.  I have to use vmware Fusion to run the vcenter client.  The problem is that you have to use the shift + page up/down buttons to scroll the console window up when there is too much text to fit in your viewable; and Mac laptop keyboards do not have these page buttons.  Here is handy shortcutf to alleviate this problem and some others that you might find useful.

fn + up/down arrows – functions as page up/down to scroll one page at a time and can be used in many applications

shift + fn + up/down arrows – scroll the console windows up and down in vcenter client

command + up/down arrows – navigate to the beginning or end of a document or web page

space/shift + space – functions as page up/down in document or web page

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