Droid or the Blackberry, decisons, decisions.

Posted March 20th, 2010 by admin

Our organization has been with Alltel for next to forever.  Old news Verizon gobbled them up, basically  swallowed them whole.  So in order to get over to the Verizon government plans (deeper savings, standard billing for line, etc). We need to replace our old phones (less than 3 months for some).  So I have been waffling back and forth, because most of our consultants and leadership team have been on Blackberry’s. They are reliable, sturdy, good battery life and sync well with our Zimbra Collaboration Server via the BES connector.

So I needed to make a decision, would the Blackberry grow with us as we move to a more digital organization?  I came to the conclusion it would not. The store for Blackberry apps seems empty in comparison to the Apple for iPhone or even the Marketplace for Droid.  Since the Droid is built on an open source linux flavor the apps will become more bountiful than the iPhone over time, I am certain.

These are the main reasons I opted for deployment of the Droid.

  • Uses ActiveSync to connect to Zimbra. Would no longer require the intermediate BES service.
  • Reduces the BES licensing Fee
  • Access to many new Applications that make our blogging and expanding our virtual presence easier. (more than the FB apps) Not as many as the iPhone but development will grow quickly.
  • It can multi-task unlike the Blackberry or iPhone. Meaning you can truly run two applications at the same time.  So if you are listening to a broadcast in one of our rooms and get an email you can check the email without losing the audio or video stream
  • it supports wi-fi to get on the Internet as well as the Verizon 3G network.

So soon the new phones will arrive and I will add an addendum to conversion and personal experiences. For know, I feel very confident these were the Droids we were looking for.

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