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I had a little trouble finding the fix for this problem, and the resolution in the moodle bugtracker weren’t obvious.  So, to keep it short and sweet, here is the fix that I used.

The problem is a result of multiple restore processes running when the course import is executed.  This is caused by users who click the “(Continue)” link multiple times or they click it just before the page automatically redirects.  The link is displayed on the last page of the restore before it is finished.  Fix the problem by hiding the (Continue) link and replacing it with text to tell the user to wait.

add the following fw_layout.css for your current theme:

/* Hide Continue link */
#backup-restore #redirect #continue { display: none; }

add a message for the user by changing this line in moodle/backup/restorelib.php:

redirect($CFG->wwwroot.’/backup/restore.php?backup_unique_code=’.$backup_unique_code.’&launch=form&file=’.$file.’&id=’.$id, “Please wait…”, 1); }

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