Good old fashioned rant – re. iPad

Posted May 17th, 2010 by admin

I’ve been pretty bad about posting here, I’m going to strive to do better. I give up on the idea of just posting new, unique, and insightful stuff.  I’m gonna go for a good, old fashioned, blog rant!  Ok.. subject for the day – the iPad.

Very cool little bit of tech that probably is totally game changing. Revolutionary, Apple says.  We’ll see.  I’ve had a bit of time on them, quite impressed. I really think they will be perfect for consuming content, and to a degree creating content as well. Thats all  the computer power most folks will ever need.

I heard somewhere that people were needing to get from the ground floor to the third floor metaphorically, and we geeks gave them a jet fighter to get there…   what they really needed was an elevator!  In my years of supporting tech,  I’ve noticed that most users, God love ’em, really don’t “get” it…  they go through the motions, they basically know some behaviors that get their work done, but they have no idea what they are really doing.

So heres the meat of the rant.  People malign the iPad for many reasons, but I’ve heard two mentioned often – no file system that you can see at least, and no printing.  At first as a techie, I thought  – Apple this is stupid, omg this isn’ t a real computer!   Thinking as a techie…  which most vendors do.  Ok.  No file system – GOOD!  Many users don’t know how to navigate and place and retrieve files anyway!  Go ahead and abstract it away, thats a good thing for the user.   The biggie, no printing.   As mentioned, I have many years of tech support and the scars, mental and physical to prove it…  The problems that deeply scar my psyche are from dealing with PRINTING!!!!   WHY DO WE STILL NEED TO PRINT STUFF????   Sorry for yelling…  anyhow, no printing, GOOD!!!  There are dozens of ways to get information shared with others.  We should try to end printing on other platforms as well!

By now you realize the depth of depravity my tortured tech soul is capable of…  this may be a rant, but think about it.  I’m sure the file system “Problem”  and the printing “Problem” will be addressed soon.  My $.02 – it’s ok as it is.

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