Our organization hosts a Blackboard Learn server, but I have never really been tasked with maintaining the software.  I was recently asked to install the 9.1 update on the Blackboard test server so we are prepared for the production upgrade in a few weeks.

Let’s just say that I am not sure I want to be the full-time Blackboard admin.  In short, the installation failed when it reached the content system step.  It asks for a password for the Blackboard file storage database user password, which is pre-populated and hidden, and a content location.  But when you click next to continue it reports and error stating “Password is too long.  Password must be 20 characters or less”.  If you try to enter a shorter password, you just get the same thing.  I searched high and low in the Blackboard knowledge base, but in the end I found no resolution.

To fix the problem, you need to edit the bb-config.properties file in you Blackboard installation.  Change the following line to reflect your system user password:


It is hard to believe the I was unable to find a solution for this simple problem on the Blackboard support site.  I guess that’s why they want you to pay for support.  Bryan

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