Kaltura 3.0 Storage Locations

Posted March 17th, 2011 by bryanr

The Kaltura open-source community is in desperate need of support from the people who are now profiting from their open-source software.  As you search through the Kaltura forums, you will continue to find unanswered posts with basic questions about software.  Kaltura may be useful software, but they need to continue to support the open-source community that got them to where they are today.  With that being said, I would like to provide some new configuration information for KalturaCE 3.0.

In versions previous to 3.0, a user specified directory called myKalturaStorage was used for all uploaded and converted media.  This location is no longer used by Kaltura 3.0, well it is not mentioned in the installation guide, which appears to be copied and pasted from the 2.0 instructions with a few omitted sections.  Kaltura mentions that the 3.0 version has an upgrade path from 2.0, but the upgrade instructions are not available.  So, I assume that the myKalturaStorage directory is used for legacy media when an upgrade is performed.

In the end you are left wondering where the media is stored for Kaltura 3.0, since it is no longer a user specified option.  It is now located here:


If you are like me and don’t want to worry about your system partition filling up, your easiest option is to move the content to another partition and then create a symlink from the original folder.

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