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Posted April 19th, 2011 by petel

We are always looking for quick and easy solutions to problems. Here at Essdack we have an internally used system for our service built on Drupal. Which works great. In the last few weeks, I have been looking for a solution for a test project with Spockholm that is a little more robust with features like filtering, public or private options, Json returned in shortneing and lengthening, perfomance, and url preview to name a few. We have been experimenting with a free open source url shortening and lengthening service called yourls (Your Own Url Shortner). This service was pretty easy to set up and had many of the features of a tinyurl or We found with a high volume service the database needed to be modified and indexes used. Otherwise, it is a great solution. Kudos to the developers. Check it out at

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  1. Taimoor

    Indeed, very useful and interesting writing. Thank you 😀
    I recently wrote about Displaying Advertisements before redirection in Yourls. You should read it. :)
    Thanks! Happy New Year

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