About Us

This blog is a collaborative venture by the techs at ESSDACK… an education service center in Hutchinson Kansas.  We are a good team, we each have our strengths in different areas of technology.

Peter (Pete) Lundrigan, a short timer at ESSDACK but Technology runs deep in his blood.  His first “home” computer was a VIC20 with cassette drive to load data. Primarily a “PC Guy”  he is not quite drinking the Apple Kool-Aid but is a firm believer of the right tools for the job.  His MacBook Pro with VMFusion, lets his do just about anything. Speaking of which, he has done about everything, he has done electronic surveillance, server maintenance, VMware, Blackboard, Data recovery and forensics, for goodness sake’s he was even a plumber.  He is currently the leader of this band of brothers. Deep in the trenches and fox holes of technology.  Taking on one battle at a time.

Jerry Butler, an employee of ESSDACK since 1993.  From his first Apple Mac Classic, he’s been a dyed in the wool Apple guy, although I’ve become somewhat multilingual over the years. He is  the Apple expert of the bunch although he don’t feel so expert sometimes, there is much to learn. He has worked with area school districts over the years to help them with their one to one laptop programs.  He’s set up a variety of services and Apple servers for the schools.  He does most of the Apple server work in our office as well.  There have been lots of changes since he set up our first web server in 1995 on an old LCII with 8 megs of RAM!  Loving the challenges, and looking forward to helping people through this venue.

Bryan Rohling, a member of the ESSDACK team since 2004.  He began working with computers in highschool, building workstations from used parts supplied by a friend’s dad, the only purpose was to play Starcraft over the LAN.  Bryan supports all flavors of end-user and server applications and operating systems.  His career at ESSDACK has enabled him to expand his knowledge through hands-on experience, but too much of this knowledge is left behind as new projects come along.  This blog will help us share what we learn and give us a place to reference for those pesky tasks that make you think to yourself “I think I’ve done this before”.   Bryan also supports open-source software and is always looking for new alternatives to commercial software in the open-source world.  And not to leave anything out, he helps manage and support networking technologies for ESSDACK and surrounding school districts.  Not bragging… just reporting.