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I recently succeeded in migrating our Zimbra server to a 64bit operating system.  If you are tasked with doing the same, I hope this post helps you out, because a ran into a few problems.  I had to use 4 different guides to finish the migration on Ubuntu; apparently the migration on Ubuntu requires more […]

Using SPF to reduce spam

April 14th, 2011

Recently, our users have been receiving a lot of backscatter email, which are bounce messages from email sent to invalid addresses that the user did not actually send in the first place.  I hope that made sense…  The messages that were sent out used our employee’s email address as the sender.  There is really nothing […]

Here is a quick how to tip.  Scripting between servers is handy for routine file transfers or backups, but in order to make scripts unattended, you will have to add your server credentials to your script in plain text or setup authentication keys for you server.  The authentication keys are very easy to create, but […]

I am not much of a writer and I never will be, but here is a solution that I searched for long and hard.  It fixes problems when using to backup all databases, including “information_schema” and “mysql”. I had to change this line: OPT=”–quote-names –opt” to this: OPT=”–quote-names” There is only one other change […]

The Kaltura open-source community is in desperate need of support from the people who are now profiting from their open-source software.  As you search through the Kaltura forums, you will continue to find unanswered posts with basic questions about software.  Kaltura may be useful software, but they need to continue to support the open-source community […]

One small project that has been lingering on my list is to setup vpn for our internal network and allow employees to authenticate with their ldap credentials.  I decided to use a PPTP vpn server because OSX has that client built-in to the OS, which makes things easier for me.. and everyone else.  The PPTP […]

I recently updated our Mysql servers to version 5.1 and moved the installation to a 64 bit servers.  Afterward, I had some minors problems that led me to run the “mysql_upgrade” script on one of the servers.  Everything seemed functional after running the script, which checks the databases for incompatibilities.  Here is an explanation: But […]

Our organization hosts a Blackboard Learn server, but I have never really been tasked with maintaining the software.  I was recently asked to install the 9.1 update on the Blackboard test server so we are prepared for the production upgrade in a few weeks. Let’s just say that I am not sure I want to be […]

View processor info on a linux OS

November 10th, 2010

Curious to know if your linux install is recognizing all of the processors that you have allocated to it? Run cat /proc/cpuinfo to list all of the processors. There have been times that I have added processors to a virtual machine after it is created, and wondered if the operating system applied the change.

If you are ever tasked with updating the VMware tools in a linux guest from the command line, it is best to execute the installer from the console.  If you update the tools from a remote connection via ssh, the install will fail because the installer restarts the network service (unless you run the installer […]