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Every so often I will have problems when restarting Guest virtual machines on our ESXi servers.  One time in particular, I restarted the system from the operating system and the VM hung on reboot.  When I tried to hard Power Off the VM through ESXi, it gave me an error similar to “The operation cannot be […]

This post is in reference to I had a little trouble finding the fix for this problem, and the resolution in the moodle bugtracker weren’t obvious.  So, to keep it short and sweet, here is the fix that I used. The problem is a result of multiple restore processes running when the course import […]

If you are a Zimbra administrator and have an account setting that is incorrect, you might find that you just want to remove the setting completely or reset it to the default value. You can list all the attributes for the account in question with this command: zmprov ga <accountname> Once you find the incorrect […]

Sometimes I have to work on our linux servers (command line only) remotely using the console provided by the vcenter client for our ESXi servers.  I have to use vmware Fusion to run the vcenter client.  The problem is that you have to use the shift + page up/down buttons to scroll the console window […]

Here is something I found very useful when working with DRBD.  After running some system updates on my Openfiler server that is running DRBD and Heartbeat, my logical volumes were showing up as “Diskless” when I looked at the DRBD status.  Looks something like this: vg0             Connected       Secondary/Primary     Diskless/UpToDate    C When I tried to […]

When we started our journey into server virtualization, we didn’t have a huge budget to work with and honestly we really didn’t even know what we were getting into.  You just don’t know what you don’t know.  But, I am used to learning from experience and I like it that way. Here’s a quick overview […]

If you are like us and use Mailman for your mailing list software to communicate with your customers and user groups, you might find this blog helpful.  We have used Mailman for years and I have moved the software to a new server twice.  Though I don’t recall the exact procedure I used to migrate […]

I was recently working in a school and needed to verify that no accounts on their Primary Domain Controller were set to have their password expire.  They had been having problems with random users being asked to change their password because it had expired.  And the default security policy was set to have passwords never […]

Pete’s last blog entry reminded me of another handy tip that every mail administrator should know.  Postfix allows you to enable an alternate port for outgoing mail traffic.  This is especially convenient when you have users that have problems sending mail through their home internet provider.  Most ISP’s will block port 25 to anywhere but […]

I have experienced this problem on several occations, in different senarios.  Windows XP will at times create a new local profile for a user and they don’t have access to their old files or settings.  This can happen when a user is re-added to a Windows domain and the user id is changed.  The problem […]