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I’ve been pretty bad about posting here, I’m going to strive to do better. I give up on the idea of just posting new, unique, and insightful stuff.  I’m gonna go for a good, old fashioned, blog rant!  Ok.. subject for the day – the iPad. Very cool little bit of tech that probably is […]

Cool Mac Dock trick

March 12th, 2010

This entry isn’t nearly as useful or, well, geeky as my co-bloggers, but I found it to be a useful trick.  I stumbled on a post  that demonstrated how to create invisible spacers for the apple dock.  You can use this spacer to create separation between icons on the dock, allowing you to create groupings. […]

Just finished a Nerds Group meeting friday.  I was thinking a bit after the meeting about the group, its purpose and its history. I had the idea for the group somewhere around ten years ago, the exact start… I can’t remember.  We were doing other study groups in our office at the time and I […]

Fun with Terminal

February 7th, 2010

Well this is a bit of a lame first effort, but I have to break the ice somehow.  My maiden voyage on the sea of blogging…  Perhaps this is the beginning of something, we shall see dear reader how this works out..  Ok now for the tip.. this one was a forehead slapper and could […]