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Using SPF to reduce spam

April 14th, 2011

Recently, our users have been receiving a lot of backscatter email, which are bounce messages from email sent to invalid addresses that the user did not actually send in the first place.  I hope that made sense…  The messages that were sent out used our employee’s email address as the sender.  There is really nothing […]

If you are like us and use Mailman for your mailing list software to communicate with your customers and user groups, you might find this blog helpful.  We have used Mailman for years and I have moved the software to a new server twice.  Though I don’t recall the exact procedure I used to migrate […]

Pete’s last blog entry reminded me of another handy tip that every mail administrator should know.  Postfix allows you to enable an alternate port for outgoing mail traffic.  This is especially convenient when you have users that have problems sending mail through their home internet provider.  Most ISP’s will block port 25 to anywhere but […]