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Here is a quick how to tip.  Scripting between servers is handy for routine file transfers or backups, but in order to make scripts unattended, you will have to add your server credentials to your script in plain text or setup authentication keys for you server.  The authentication keys are very easy to create, but […]

I recently updated our Mysql servers to version 5.1 and moved the installation to a 64 bit servers.  Afterward, I had some minors problems that led me to run the “mysql_upgrade” script on one of the servers.  Everything seemed functional after running the script, which checks the databases for incompatibilities.  Here is an explanation: But […]

Here is something I found very useful when working with DRBD.  After running some system updates on my Openfiler server that is running DRBD and Heartbeat, my logical volumes were showing up as “Diskless” when I looked at the DRBD status.  Looks something like this: vg0             Connected       Secondary/Primary     Diskless/UpToDate    C When I tried to […]

If you are like us and use Mailman for your mailing list software to communicate with your customers and user groups, you might find this blog helpful.  We have used Mailman for years and I have moved the software to a new server twice.  Though I don’t recall the exact procedure I used to migrate […]