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We are always looking for quick and easy solutions to problems. Here at Essdack we have an internally used system for our service built on Drupal. Which works great. In the last few weeks, I have been looking for a solution for a test project with Spockholm that is a little more robust with […]

I am not much of a writer and I never will be, but here is a solution that I searched for long and hard.  It fixes problems when using to backup all databases, including “information_schema” and “mysql”. I had to change this line: OPT=”–quote-names –opt” to this: OPT=”–quote-names” There is only one other change […]

I recently updated our Mysql servers to version 5.1 and moved the installation to a 64 bit servers.  Afterward, I had some minors problems that led me to run the “mysql_upgrade” script on one of the servers.  Everything seemed functional after running the script, which checks the databases for incompatibilities.  Here is an explanation: But […]