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This post is in reference to I had a little trouble finding the fix for this problem, and the resolution in the moodle bugtracker weren’t obvious.  So, to keep it short and sweet, here is the fix that I used. The problem is a result of multiple restore processes running when the course import […]

If you are a Zimbra administrator and have an account setting that is incorrect, you might find that you just want to remove the setting completely or reset it to the default value. You can list all the attributes for the account in question with this command: zmprov ga <accountname> Once you find the incorrect […]

Fun with Terminal

February 7th, 2010

Well this is a bit of a lame first effort, but I have to break the ice somehow.  My maiden voyage on the sea of blogging…  Perhaps this is the beginning of something, we shall see dear reader how this works out..  Ok now for the tip.. this one was a forehead slapper and could […]