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If you are ever tasked with updating the VMware tools in a linux guest from the command line, it is best to execute the installer from the console.  If you update the tools from a remote connection via ssh, the install will fail because the installer restarts the network service (unless you run the installer […]

Every so often I will have problems when restarting Guest virtual machines on our ESXi servers.  One time in particular, I restarted the system from the operating system and the VM hung on reboot.  When I tried to hard Power Off the VM through ESXi, it gave me an error similar to “The operation cannot be […]

Sometimes I have to work on our linux servers (command line only) remotely using the console provided by the vcenter client for our ESXi servers.  I have to use vmware Fusion to run the vcenter client.  The problem is that you have to use the shift + page up/down buttons to scroll the console window […]

When we started our journey into server virtualization, we didn’t have a huge budget to work with and honestly we really didn’t even know what we were getting into.  You just don’t know what you don’t know.  But, I am used to learning from experience and I like it that way. Here’s a quick overview […]